Lifting Straps are a gym tool for some people and you see people mostly using them for deadlifts. If you are a powerlifter probably not the best thing to use them, as you are not allowed to use straps in powerlifting competitions.

If you are going for your 1 rep max / a new PB do not use straps.

Lifting Straps are better used for high rep volume sets. Also certain exercises that lifting straps may be better suited such as high rep rack pulls, or high rep barbell shoulder shrugs.
If you find that you are dependent on using lifting straps it is probably a sign to either drop the weight load or increase your grip strength.

Increasing your grip strength will help with deadlifts and it will get you to a new PB with time and consistent training.

Now for the tips on how to improve your deadlift:

Improve your deadlift instantly with these 3 tips.

Bar start position – The bar start position is probably the biggest issue I see in majority of peoples deadlifts. The way the bar breaks off the floor sets the angles for the whole lift. Everyone has different lever lengths; therefore the position will vary depending on the lifter. The bar should break straight off the floor with ZERO forward or back drift. Drift causes many technical and biomechanical issues.

Hip positioning – Hip positioning and bar positioning are both equally important and complement each other. Incorrect bar positioning will majority of the time cause incorrect hip positioning and vise-versa. There are many factors which determine “correct” hip positioning such as hip height, hip tilt and hip distance from the bar. When the bar breaks off the floor, the hips should not “shoot” in any direction. The hips should ascend at nearly the same rate as the bar. Once past the knees, the hips should then drive forward meeting the bar at the midline, in a neutral position. The main thing to be careful of is “shooting hips”. Majority of the time the hip start position is too low causing the hips to shoot up at the start of the lift causing the chest to drop and the hips to tilt. This causes middle and lower back rounding making the lift weak and dangerous.

Tightness – Probably the most underrated part of any strength or power movement. Tightness creates stability, stability equates to greater strength/power. How often do you see an ugly first rep then clean reps after? This is due to the weight creating the tightness. This tightness should have been achieved before the lift took place. By flexing the lats, back and core in the set up phase will help achieve this tightness. There should be no weak links! Keep an eye on Middle back rounding and dropping of the shoulders.
Improve your deadlift tips were provided by Matthew Brunoli – Limbo Gym Owner, Head Trainer & Powerlifting Coach
Thanks for reading and have fun training!