Jake Watson – Strongman

We had the chance to catch up with Jake Watson competitive Strongman, Australian Strongman Record Holder, Personal Trainer & Owner of The Warehouse in Unley SA which is a Strongman / Powerlifting Gym here in Adelaide.

What got in you into Strongman Competitions and how long have you been training?
I was always more intrigued by the performance element of training over aesthetics and when I moved to Adelaide back in 2011 I went along to watch the old strongman grading “strength quest” seeing some lighter guys out on the field really sparked my interest in the sport and I did my first competition early 2012. Have competed every year since.

What is your favorite event / lift at the Comps?
Anything overhead, particularly log or monster db. I’m currently the under 90kg state record holder for the log lift with 117.5kg (best training lift is 123.5kg)

What training do you do for Grip Strength?
Farmers carries and holds for time have always been a huge staple of my grip training. I’ve often found my best results have come from training lighter weights and working up to 1-2min holds.

What Captains of Crush Gripper can you close and what one are you chasing?
I’ve closed a number 2 and I’m getting close with a 2.5! Crushing strength is something I’ve really focused on this year.

How to you keep injuries away?
I’m a big supporter of mobility and intelligent programming. I take “off season” periods where I focus on higher volume to help build muscle and work capacity which really pays off when I’m peaking into heavier lifts.
I also periodise my strongman training and usually avoid going super heavy on certain events until closer to competition.

What is your favorite thing to cook on the BBQ?
Can’t go past a great piece of eye fillet steak! Medium rare of course.

If you were to give some advice to anyone looking to get into Strongman Comps what would it be?
Be patient and pay your dues.

Everyone wants to be the best from the very start but it takes years to really develop as an athlete. Build a solid foundation in the squat, press and deadlift and let progress come slowly to avoid injury. Too many athletes get sidelined early on from pushing too hard too soon.

Support the community! It’s easy to forget all the hard work done by loaders, refs, coaches etc who volunteer their time to make competitions happen. We are all privileged to have an amazing strength sports community here in Australia and it’s important to give back when the opportunity comes up.

Thanks Jake for the interview, and all the best in 2016 and we look forward to seeing Big things from you in the future!

You can follow Jake on Facebook www.facebook.com/the-warehouse