Grip Strength Training

Jedd Johnson – Diesel Crew – Grip Sport Champion

Interview with Jedd Johnson - Diesel Crew When you research Grip Strength Training enough you are sure to come across the name Jedd Johnson. He has over 1700 videos on YouTube mostly Grip Strength related. He is a World Record Holder and has [...]

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Training with Expand Your Hand Bands

Expand Your Hand Bands are great way to train the extensor muscles in your hands. Expand Your Hand Bands will help: - Speed recovery and reinforce grip strength gains - Develop muscle balance and full range of motion mobility - Prevent, eliminate or reduce pain from tennis or golfer's elbow, tendinities, carpal tunnel syndrome, and [...]

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Grip Strength Training with Sand

Grip Strength Training with Sand I always wonder what I could do with a empty protein container after you have finished with it, and I thought; why don't I fill it up with sand. I checked out some videos and another training material online about grip training with sand and I started to use [...]

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