Grip Strength Training Exercise
Grip Strength Training Exercise
Grip Strength Training Exercise

Grip Strength Training with Sand
I always wonder what I could do with a empty protein container after you have finished with it, and I thought; why don’t I fill it up with sand. I checked out some videos and another training material online about grip training with sand and I started to use it as a finishing exercise after working with the Captains of Crush Grippers.

What you will need:
• Empty 2.27kg (5lb) tub of protein.
• Foundry Sand – You can buy 20kg for around $7 or $8. Or acquire some from the beach!
• Fill it around 1/2 full

How to train with sand:
• Grip the side of the tub with one hand and hold it.
• Stick the other hand in and start to grasp at the sand as if you are making a fist or trying to close a gripper.
• Do this for as long as possible as both arms will start to feel it.
• Switch arms and repeat.
• Try to do 3 or 4 sets rotating arms.

As you get better, you can add more sand to the container. You can use a normal pail or bucket to do this, but the other thing I like about using a protein container is that you can put the lid on it to keep out spiders and other insects.

You will find this exercise very motivating and also help with other grip strength training.

Keep at it and enjoy!

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