Captains of Crush Gripper Training

Thank you for checking out our website and interest in Grip Training.  Please feel free to check out the links, videos and downloads available on this page.  Our purpose is to help you understand the basics, move up to harder CoC Grippers, provide tips and help you achieve your goals.

Here are a couple of things to know.

  1.  You are always going to have one hand that is stronger than the other.
  2. The key to any fitness training is consistency and dedication to train.  If you only pick up the Captains of Crush Grippers once a month or once every six months you will not see results.  Set a good routine and stick to it!

Captains of Crush Beginner Training

Warm-up CoC Gripper          1   x   10 Reps

Work -set CoC Gripper          2  x    3 – 10 Reps

Extensor Hand Bands    3  x    12 Reps

Captains of Crush Intermediate / Advanced Training

Warm-up CoC Gripper 1 x 10 Reps

Work -set CoC Gripper 3 x 3 – 10 Reps

Challenge CoC Gripper 1  –  3 Attempts at 1 Rep Max

Extensor Hand Bands 3 x 12 Reps

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