Caring for your Captains of Crush Grippers

To help you get the most from your Captains of Crush grippers, we’d like to share a couple tips.

Captains of Crush grippers come to you training-ready and
require a minimum of babysitting along the way. The spring on your Captains of Crush gripper is covered with an anti-oxidant that is also a lubricant. But underneath that coating is steel that can rust (in humid environments) or maybe even chirp (when you bang out reps).

We recommend a quick shot of your favorite olive oil, WD40, 3-IN-ONE or whatever other lubricant you have handy and like–this will help keep your GR8™ spring rust-free and quiet, as needed.

As you train, the knurling on the handles of your CoC gripper can fill up with chalk or even tiny pieces of skin. Clogged-up knurling reduces the traction you will get on the handle, so you will want to keep the knurling clean.

We recommend that you take a stiff nylon bristle brush and run it over your handles from time to time. Unlike flossing your teeth, there is no need to do this every day–this is an occasional, as needed sort of thing.  (Personally I have found that Baby Wipes do the trick and are very quick to clean your gripper).

It’s really that simple: Captains of Crush grippers are easier than taking care of a Pet Rock and a lot more fun to train with.

Credit to IronMind for Content