To get the most out of your training and to progress you may need proper information to get you to the next goal. When I started grip strength training, I looked at who is the best and who can provide the most information on Hand Gripper Training and Grip Strength. One name kept popping up Jedd Johnson.

Grip & Lift Australia now have a partnership of offering his training materials on our website to supply to the Australian people who are interested in Grip Sport.

Jedd loves all forms of strength training, but his passion is Grip Strength. A 2-time North American Grip Champion, he has held multiple world records in various Grip Sport events and has produced dozens of training manuals and DVD’s devoted to strength development. If you need stronger hands, check out Jedd’s website,

For the price of a one hour personal trainer you can have a North American Grip Champion Jedd Johnson give you the vital information in these targeted specific Gripper Training DVD’s.

We currently have them on sale for $49, regular $59. They are shipped direct from the US, so delivery takes around 2 weeks.

We now have two hand gripper training DVD’s for sale up on the website.

CRUSH – Total Gripper Domination – Hand Gripper Training DVD

Operation: Gripper Certification – Hand Gripper Training DVD

Thanks for taking time to read our blog and have fun training!

Hand Gripper Training DVD
Hand Gripper Training DVD