IronMind Twist Yo Wrist Forearm Strength Tool


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Give it a turn for strong wrists in all directions and a new way to pump up your forearms, training your grip strength at the same time.  Add weight plates to your desired preference.  (weight plates not included)

The Twist Yo’ Wrist trains both your grip, wrist and forearm, and the movement is radial and ulnar deviation–picture opening a jar of peanut butter with one hand on the lid, the other on the bottom of the jar and twisting. It is designed so that you train both concentrically (winding up the cord) and eccentrically (allowing it to unwind under control).

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IronMind Twist Yo Wrist – 4″ diameter roller comes with a 4-ft. climbing-grade accessory cord and a small snap clip; use with or without a loading pin (not included).

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Weight600 g
Dimensions280 × 150 × 120 mm


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