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    Grab a copy of the Guinness World Records 2022Australian Strongman Jordan BIGGIE Steffens has made history by Pulling The Heaviest Locomotive weighing 184.97 TONNES and breaking a Guinness World Record!And not only did he complete one Guinness World Record, he also broke another Record for the Fastest 20m by a Three Person Tower - 16.23 sec.Congrats Jordan BIGGIE Steffens!
  • Very serious grip guys, contest organizers, and those who like modern art will want their own CoC Silver Bullet Disc for training and competing--or maybe just hanging on the wall.If you're a contest promoter who is tired of wrestling with "rated" grippers to sort out contestants and wish you had a gripper event that was as exciting for the audience as for the competiton, the CoC Silver Bullet Hold comes to the rescue: this event will separate the men from the boys and have the fans on edge of the seats screaming their support.Combine the CoC Silver Bullet and the CoC Silver Bullet Disc and see if you can match Tanner Merkle's world record of 30.98 sec. on the CoC No. 4 or Dmitriy Suhovarov's world record 58.53 sec. on the CoC No. 3. For women, Amy Wattles holds the world record at 45.42 sec. on the CoC No. 2.Disc only. 2.5 kg, calibrated. (CoC Silver Bullet not included.)
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    The Original Five Captains of Crush GrippersBundle includes:TrainerNo.1No.2No.3No.4Bonus includes Extensor Hand Bands
  • Grip & Lift HatGrip & Lift Truckie Hat - one size fits all adjustable back strap.Front - 100% CottonBack - 100% PolyesterHand Wash Only 
  • SPECIAL ORDER ITEM - Non Returnable - Non Refundable.  Will be ordered in with weekly IronMind order.These retro-tech collars hang on so tight that they bite into the bar. Best applied with a wrench to your plate-loaded dumbbells (but not your fancy new Eleiko bar): the teeth you save might be your own.Electroless nickel plated. Large size for Olympic bars (approx. 1.97" diameter), 1-1/2" in width. Comes with an IronMind wrench (also made in the USA) 
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    Grip & Lift Australia Long Sleeve T-Shirt
    • Colour - Light Grey
    • Long sleeves
    • 100% cotton for comfort and breathability
  • Good-Old-Basic IronMind Sweatpants

    • L - 30" flat waist (expands to 42"); 30" lengt
    Just right for working out: roomy for squats, well-insulated for cold weather, comfortable, and easy on/off.50% cotton/50% poly (for comfort and warmth), side pockets, drawstring waist in navy.
  • Short & Sweet Lifting Straps : Classic style for Olympic weightlifters; short for bailouts. This is the original IronMind Lifting Straps, based on the design used by super heavyweight Olympic silver medalist Mario Martinez, the last American man to win an Olympic medal in weightlifting. 18" long, no loop; 1-1/2" wide.If you're not using IronMind lifting straps, you're probably not lifting as much as you could be. Chosen by the world's strongest men (and women) in 5 styles: the question is not whether you are using IronMind lifting straps . . . the question is, which IronMind lifting straps are you using? 
  • Grip & Lift Trucker HatBlack & White with Logo EmbroideredSnap Back - One Size Fits All 
  • It IDs you as a special grip guy/gal with membership in the largest, strongest grip community in the world.It's the platinum card of the grip world and the official width for certification attempts, too: keep it in your wallet, hang it on your gym bag, or us it as a luggage tag for above-the-crowd recognition. Certify on the No. 2 or No. 2.5 (women), or the No. 3, No. 3.5, or No. 4 and your card gets a special sticker; each card has a unique number and a signature band.
  • Special Order Item.  Once order is received it will be ordered in with our next IronMind shipment.Don't be a pencil-neck--get strong from head to toe. Beautifully crafted, Wicked-Strong, and adjustable, holding 1,500 lb., the Headstrap Fit for Hercules comes to the rescue. Just 3 minutes of neck training 3 times a week will make you feel great--and no more 14" shirts.Adjusts to fit heads from 20" to 26", comfortable yet holds over one ton. The aluminum frame is designed for training the front, back and sides of your neck. Either hang the weight directly from the red webbing belt, or for added convenience, use a loading pin and carabiner.Use the center slot on the blue aluminum frame to train the muscles on the front and back of your neck; use the round holes in the sides of the frame to train the muscles on the sides of your neck.Start easy, or you can end up with some very sore muscles, and always use immaculate form--no jerky movements and always stay well within your natural range of motion. Use a moderate weight and keep your reps in something like the 10 to 15 range.
  • Grip & Lift Coffee MugStart your day off right with a Coffee out of the best Coffee Mug you will ever own!Get a Grip on your day and have a cuppa with this fantastic Coffee Mug! 


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