IronMind Red Nail

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IronMind Red Nail

25 of the Hardest Nails you will ever bend or attempt to bend.  8mm in diameter.

IronMind Level 5 in Nail Bending.

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2 in stock (can be backordered)

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Want to Certify on the IronMind Red Nail ?

Rules for Bending a Red Nail or a Gold Nail

Bending nails is a fun and effective way to strengthen your grip and demonstrate your wrist, hand, and upper body strength. Please use caution when bending nails, and always train with safety and good sense first and foremost in mind; your hand health should always be your primary consideration.

There are several recognized methods for legitimately bending an IronMind Red Nail or a Gold Nail, but all are unbraced. For example, you can bend the Red or Gold Nail with your hands at:

  • waist level, bending the nail downward into a U
  • chest level, bending the nail downward into a U
  • head or chest level, bending the nail downward into a U

Other variations of these are acceptable, so long as:

You are bending an authentic IronMind Red Nail™ or Gold Nail™ that has not been modified in any way.

  • Only genuine IronMind Hand Pads are used; they cannot be modified in any way. No accessories (such as rubber bands) can be added to the pads and used during the bend.
  • Ordinary chalk (magnesium carbonate) may be used on the bender’s hands, but nothing else is permitted (tacky, for example, is specifically disallowed).
  • No part of the bender’s arms or hands may touch the body below the waist level.
  • The nail is bent into a U shape in less than one minute with the legs of the nail spread no more than 2 inches at the completion of the bend.
  • The bender is not allowed to use any wraps, tape or any other supporting material on his body.

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