IronMind Lifting Straps


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Strong-Enough IronMind Lifting Straps

Official Lifting Straps World’s Strongest Man Since 2010

If you’re not using IronMind lifting straps, you’re probably not lifting as much as you could be. Chosen by the world’s strongest men (and women) in 5 styles: the question is not whether you are using IronMind lifting straps . . . the question is, which IronMind lifting straps are you using?

Strong-Enough IronMind Lifting Straps : Top pro strongman choice; best general purpose. 21-1/4″ long, loop at one end; 1-1/2″ wide.

Available on back-order

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21-1/4”   |   loop at one end 1-1/2” wide top pro strongman choice   |   best general purpose

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 50 mm


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