The Trilobite Rolling Handle series is designed to be the very best rolling handle on the market. It has the lowest amount of friction of any roller; the handle is made of cold rolled steel with a floating axle that the rollers slide onto. The rollers are made of strong, light, and corrosion resistant 6061 aluminium to ensure a consistent surface and lower shipping costs for the international market.

The quick change design allows the device to be user serviceable, and allows the consumer to both make their own devices for the handle such as a wood roller or pinch block, and it will allow me to produce future attachments without you having to buy unnecessary additional handles.

2″, 2.5″, and 3″ rollers are currently available.

2″ – Good for training for axle lifting, overload for larger handles, and average to small hand sizes.

2.5″ – Best for competition and training for the inch dumbbell.

3″ – Good for armwrestlers and general wrist training and thumb strength.