Grip & Lift 41″ Red Power Resistance Bands

Sold Individually

Resistance Level 2.2kg to 16kg  (5lbs to 35lbs)

Light to Medium resistance for shoulders, biceps, triceps, rehab exercises for men or women.

In Inches


In cm.

104cm x4.5mm x 12.7mm

Seamless, no bubble, uniformity of color, anti-aging, scratch-resistant, without scratches and very smooth;

Expand to more 6 times of its original length, can maintain memory after repeated bending and stretching;

Strong strength and excellent elastic;

Bright color which never fades.

Use as:

1. Squats and Bench Work;

2. Reverse Band Bench Presses

3. Band Pushdowns

4. Band Leg Curls

5. Ankle Training

6. Dynamic Squatting

7. Reverse Band Deadlifts

8. Band Push-ups

And Many More!