Green Power Resistance Bands


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Grip & Lift 41″ Green Power Resistance Bands

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Resistance Level 55kg to 80kg  (120-175 lbs)

Heavy resistance exercises for men or women.

In Inches

41’x0.177’’x 1 – 3/4″

In cm.


Expand to more 6 times of its original length, can maintain memory after repeated bending and stretching;Seamless, no bubble, uniformity of color, anti-aging, scratch-resistant, without scratches and very smooth;

Strong strength and excellent elastic;

Bright color which never fades.


In stock

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Use as:

1. Squats and Bench Work;

2. Reverse Band Bench Presses

3. Band Pushdowns

4. Band Leg Curls

5. Ankle Training

6. Dynamic Squatting

7. Reverse Band Deadlifts

8. Band Push-ups

And Many More!


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