Very serious grip guys, contest organizers, and those who like modern art will want their own CoC Silver Bullet Disc for training and competing–or maybe just hanging on the wall.

If you’re a contest promoter who is tired of wrestling with “rated” grippers to sort out contestants and wish you had a gripper event that was as exciting for the audience as for the competiton, the CoC Silver Bullet Hold comes to the rescue: this event will separate the men from the boys and have the fans on edge of the seats screaming their support.

Combine the CoC Silver Bullet and the CoC Silver Bullet Disc and see if you can match Tanner Merkle’s world record of 30.98 sec. on the CoC No. 4 or Dmitriy Suhovarov’s world record 58.53 sec. on the CoC No. 3. For women, Amy Wattles holds the world record at 45.42 sec. on the CoC No. 2.

Disc only. 2.5 kg, calibrated. (CoC Silver Bullet not included.)